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When growing up I have seen so many of my family members, including myself, struggling to find the perfect soap.

My sister has terrible allergic reactions to paraffin, parabens and most glycerine products and always encountered difficulties to find the right cleansing soaps which all come at a very high cost and not always as "natural" as you think.

After seeing my sister suffering I decided to create my own "proper" Natural, as Organic it can be and Vegan friendly soaps and help you guys to find your best Cleansing partner.

Yes... ok,... my soaps may not be looking super fancy, do not have extravagant colours but they are made from naturally anti-bacterial oil and made with excellent Natural  produces that your skin will love

 (please note that switching to a Natural soap, some itching may incur to begin with, this is normal, your skin need to get used to those natural ingredients instead of all those chemical, plastic and other substances it has been used to)

Soapopolis prioritise Natural and / or Organic ingredients.

My soaps are made with ingredients such as: 

  • De-ionised water: you cannot find more pure than that

  • Sweet Almond oil as it has a natural antioxidant & anti-bacterial properties and other many goodness for your skin

  • Castor Oil as it increases lather in the soap & adds moisturising qualities to it

  • Coconut oil as it is a highly cleansing and conditioning ingredient and produces a wonderfully bubbly creamy lather

  • Olive oil for all the good thing it brings naturally

  • Shea Butter is an ideal ingredient for softening skin, Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties

  • Oatmeal simply because it has so many benefits


When possible I will use herbs and spices to colour my soaps (even here we try to make nature do its job ! )


I invite you to click on My ingredients page for more details on what my soaps are made of

Now the boring but interesting bit: ( I like to be honest)

The Chemistry of Soap

Here’s the truth to fall back on: a true soap is the result of a chemical reaction called saponification 

that occurs between Sodium Hydroxide and types of fat or oil, where both substances are transformed, creating soap.

All the sodium hydroxide for bar soap is consumed in the reaction which gives you a Natural cleansing soap.

So, while soap start with lye, it doesn’t contain lye. Modern methods and measuring scales – as opposed to what was available to frontier women – allow soap makers to use the proper mixture of oils and lye, ensuring that all lye is consumed completely and result in a 100% natural soap

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Handmade Natural Soap in North Yorkshire with quality natural ingredients including numerous organic botanicals to add colour, essential oils and approved Vegan friendly fragrance oils to add  scent to your beauty partner


My base is made of various 100% natural and vegan oils that will leave your skin feeling great and clean

Natural Soap

Some little bits you may want to know & I am well proud of them:

One ingredient that you will come across a lot in cold process soap recipes is palm oil.

As it is linked to deforestation, climate change and obesity I avoid it completely in all my recipes


Our selected suppliers chain:

I am always on the look for new supplier eager to follow my ethics

Packaging & Accessories:

We have been searching for Eco-Friendly & Vegan packaging and teamed up with a renowned supplier for all of my packaging requirements

All boxes, paper and ink are made from plant based components, as well as for the accessories they have been certified eco-friendly (that is why we are happy to sell them).

Essential oil & fragrances:

I make sure that the Essential & Fragrances oils are suitable and certified for soap making  




Whenever possible I use home made colouring such as herbs and spices otherwise I use mineral Mica pigment which are also certified for soap making and Vegan friendly

Whatever you buy from me has been specially selected to make sure that my ethical views are followed throughout the full process.

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Handmade Soaps