• I am made of 4 different type of 100% natural oil
  • I have a homely Oatmeal fragrance .
  • I am made for cleansing purposes and eventhough I smell like fresh breakfast, I am not made for consumption


  • My beige pigmentation and dots are made of organic oatmeal


  • I am Vegan friendly  & none of my components have been tested on animals


  • I am approx. 85 gr but as i am handmade my weight may slightly vary

Oatmeal Soap

SKU: SP0201
  • I am creamy, bubbly, good conditioning, have a natural level of anti-bacterial - I AM MADE FOR CLEANSING PURPOSES (even though i smell lovely i am not made for consumption) 


    Please note that switching to a 100% natural soap may incur of skin itch for the first few applications, this is normal as it doesn't have artificial conditionner or synthetic preservatives