Fancy to give a great gift with natural handmade products and keep everything eco-friendly?  read more :


Why not give this lovely, unique, natural gift basket


2 soaps of your choice (please specify the fragrance)

3 eco soy wax melts of your choice (please specify the fragrance)

a oil/wax burner

a unfragranced tealight candle

2 natural cotton flannel washing mits

1 exfoliating loofah pad

1 natural linen collapsable basket, colour may vary


The good thing is that as the soaps are handmade they are unique, the soy wax melts are handmade and are unique, this will be a very special, natural gift to say thank you or happy birthday or for a baby shower or simply because you know how good natural products are!


Over £35 of Natural bundle to bring happiness and joy


Eco wax melt fragrance to choose from:

La vie en Rose

Baby Powder


Sweet Cinnamon

Rosemary & Lavender

Twilight hours (ideal for relaxation and chilling)

Fresh Flowers


Natural handmade soap to choose from:

Baby Powder & Rose Petal

Orange Zest

Bubblegum delight

Lavender Forever

Cedarwood & Tea Tree

Sandalwood & Lavender


Winter Garden (minty fragrance)

Zen & Spicy (must fragrance)

Bouquet Floral 


Complete Home Hamper gift

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  • creamy, bubbly, good conditioning, have a natural level of anti-bacterial - THEY ARE MADE FOR CLEANSING PURPOSES  

    will cleanse your skin and will leave you with a fresh and natural fragrance