• I am made of 4 specially selected pure natural oil
  • I have a lovely and rich bubblegum fragrance and a light hint of baby powder.

     A must for kids to be washed with (i am sure parents would love them as well)

  • My cherry pigmentation is made of Micca mineral pigmentation
  • i am Vegan friendly & none of my components have been tested on animals


I am approx. 85gr 

This soap is handmade and therefore the weight  & look may slightly vary

Bubblegum delight soap

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    • We would recommend using a Natural SISAL soap saver bag (you can purchase this from us as well) as it will make your soap creamier.
    • Always try to keep your soap dry between use.
    • Don't leave your soap in the water - use a natural soap dish.
    • Use your Natural soap within 6 months of opening it - Remember it is a natural product and do not have any Synthetic preservatives or artificial hardeners!
    • Store your unopened soap in a dry room or in your cupboard (it is actually a great cupboard freshener!)