• I am made of 4 different type of 100% natural oil
  • I have a lovely Baby Powder fragrance. There’s nothing quite as homely as the smell of baby powder. Whether it takes you back to your early years, or those precious first few months with a newborn baby, we all love the scent of baby powder


  • My slight rose pigmentation and dots are made of organic rose petal


  • I am Vegan friendly  & none of my components have been tested on animals


  • I am approx. 85gr but as i am handmade my weight may slightly vary

Baby Powder & Rose Petals soap

SKU: SP0001
  • I am creamy, bubbly, good conditioning, have a natural level of anti-bacterial - I AM MADE FOR CLEANSING PURPOSES (even though i smell lovely i am not made for consumption) 

    I will gently cleanse your skin and will leave you with a fresh and adorable Baby Powder fragrance 


    Please note that switching to a 100% natural soap may incur of skin itch for the first few applications, this is normal as it doesn't have artificial conditionner or synthetic preservatives