I am manufacturing your favourite Handmade soap and Eco Soy Wax Melts in North Yorkshire - United Kingdom   

All soap are made using the Eco-friendly cold process method: meaning that I know exactly what is in my soaps, i.e: Natural & Vegan base, no artificial additive, do not have the added glycerine, no palm products, no plastic, No parabens, No preservative.

At the end of the day: a Natural Soap for a Natural Beauty         

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You will find all my Natural & Vegan handmade soap on the "My Natural soap" page, I hope you will find the fragrance you are looking for. 

You will also find our Eco-Friendly accessories on the " Eco-Friendly Accessories" page.

ALL those accessories are eco friendly products and crafted from recycled materials or obtained from ethical and sustainable sources


I am manufacturing some of the Soy Wax Melts so I am making sure that no nasty ingredients such as toxin or parrafin are fragranced into your home and that you,  your home and pets are all safe

I am thanking you for having an interest in my products and hope you will find what you are looking for