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Welcome to Soapopolis based in North Yorkshire, England.

The home of  the "Natural Handmade Soap for a Natural Beauty"

I am so pleased you stopped by, as it means you are looking for a simple but healthy cleansing soap with natural, pure and/or organic ingredients while being Vegan friendly and good for the environment

I am delighted you do, as this is exactly what I offer.

I believe that health is not just about what we eat, it is also what we put on our skin.

In fact what we put on our skin is crucial! Unlike the food that we eat that goes through the various organs of elimination, products on our skin goes directly into our blood stream once absorbed.

Now that should scare you especially if you do not know exactly what chemicals have been put in your soaps, lotions, makeup, deodorants etc

All of my Soaps are Natural, as Organic they can be & Vegan friendly 

No Palm, No plastic, No Paraben, No artificial additive, No unnecessary ingredients, No added Glycerine...

Just the good stuff !

I manufacture and sell  "A Natural Soap for a Natural Beauty"

All my new batches are curing nicely so Subscribe here and don't miss the chance to grab yourself a newly made Natural, Vegan & Eco-friendly soap

As I am doing the Cold Process method, my natural soaps have to rest to make sure they are giving you the best they can offer.

Feel free to contact me to pre-order your favourite soap and receive your natural beauty partner as soon as they are ready !

Because I pride myself in manufacturing quality Natural soaps and want to keep my ethics throughout the full process, I have selected eco-friendly accessories and Vegan friendly packaging


A few accessories sold from my website are not manufactured by Soapopolis Ltd but we have been assured they are all Eco Friendly & many are Vegan friendly as well !

I hope you will find what you are looking for, and feel free to

contact me if you have any suggestions I am always looking

for a challenge
Treat yourself


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